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July 18, 2017

Microsoft Corp. is launching a new family caregiver benefit for all employees.

To date, the benefit has rolled out in 22 countries, including in the United States last week. The company will extend the benefit to the remaining countries where it operates, including Canada, over the coming months.

The family caregiver leave allows an employee to take up to four week of fully paid leave to care for an immediate family member with a serious health condition, wrote Kathleen Hogan, executive vice-president of human resources at Microsoft, on her LinkedIn page.

“As I hear from employees who are in the sandwich generation — those caring for children at home while thinking about aging parents who may one day need support — I am keenly aware that these employees may face the decision of how to prioritize work while caring for a family member,” she wrote.

“In all these scenarios, the birth of a child, one’s own health needs or the needs of a close family member, one thing is certain: employees need flexibility and support to make a decision that’s best for them.”

Used with permission from Benefits Canada Magazine